Friday, March 19, 2010

Finest Foodies Friday at Foodie Blogroll

Yaaaaaaaay!  I'm stoked!  Today is my first time being featured for Finest Foodies Friday at Foodie Blogroll (can you tell I'm still a foodie blogroll newbie?).  If you don't know about Foodie Blogroll yet you must check them out as there are soooooo many interesting foodies, blogs and of course, incredible recipes.  Check out the other foodies featured  with me today:


  1. I had to put my teeth in to pronounce this one.Finest Foodies Friday At Foodie Blogroll. I'm glad the words didn't begin with a W.. Where do you keep finding all of this very good stuff. Keep it coming Lynn!

  2. Hello LB!

    Thank you for the warm messages on my blog, it delights me to hear you find the eatsology interesting! I completely agree with your post regarding Foodie Blogroll, it's a great way to get more exposure and to network with other foodies! Hope to read more from you!


  3. @Frederick, LOL...what a visual I just I know, it is a mouthful. You should be glad the words didn't start with "S." Yes, foodie blogroll was quite a find. I'm honored to be a member of that site.

    @Jon, I'm still smiling about your eggplant blog post :>). You, dear, are a gifted writer and I look forward to reading more from you as well. Thanks for following my blog!

  4. Thats great... u deserve it!

  5. @Uma, THANKS--it was a nice surprise :>)

  6. Congrats for being featured!!! Thanks for being a member!


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