Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interactive Meal Idea Center

It's the little things in life that bring me joy...

The wannabe tech geek in me almost did a somersault when I strolled through my neighborhood supermarket and literally ran into this beautiful, 37" LCD recipe center.  Truly awestruck, I stood in the middle of the produce isle, exploring this amazing piece of machinery and taking pictures with my cell phone.  I must admit I was a little embarassed--standing there gawking at the machine like I wasn't aware I was living in a technological age where just about anything is possible (picture Ellie Mae Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies) it was so much fun!

Although I don't usually have problems deciding what to cook and rarely cook with a recipe unless I'm creating/testing a recipe or baking, I can see how this "recipe center" would be really helpful for someone needing fresh ideas and inspiration. 

The operation is simple and very intuitive.  Just click a category button (meat, seafood, appetizers, dessert, etc.) and get lots of recipes for that category.  Once you find a recipe you're interested in, you can print it.  Standing there, my curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it I had printed out recipes for Bacon-Cheddar Breakfast Muffins, Grilled Salmon with Creamy Pesto Sauce and Grilled Swordfish with Mango Citrus Salsa.

The kiosk also has a health & wellness category with information on diabetes management, gluten-free recipes and much more.  See the video demonstration below of some of the features of this machine. The video is geared more toward potential businesses rather than the individual consumer but you can get an idea of how it works.

If you don't already have a recipe center at your favorite supermarket, talk to the managers and ask them to consider contacting Shop to Cook to get one.


  1. The Jetsons are just around the corner Mrs Lynnie Mae Huckabuck. Smile. I can see Granny now, trying to get money out of the machine before she shoots it. I'll keep my eyes open for your new discovery. If you don't hear from me in the next two to three days,I'm lock in the market gawking myself. (HELP) Thank You MRS Wonderful Person

  2. @Frederick, LOLOL, I can picture Granny standing there, shotgun and eyebrows :>)

    It was a cool experience and I'm looking forward to exploring more recipes and functions on the kiosk soon.

  3. Now I know what to ask for for my birthday!

  4. @Rick, I like the way you think! Shoot, I've got a birthday coming up soon and I was thinking of asking for a juicer but you've inspired me to aim higher. :>).


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