Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Shirley Ovelil Peries!

Please join me in wishing a member of our community, Shirley Ovelil Peries, a Happy Birthday! Shirley, a Clinical Psychologist by profession, now homemaker, started the Enriching Your Kid blog in a venture to chronicle her mom's recipes and her experiments with cooking for her family. Shirley is also a FoodBuzz featured publisher and a featured author on CookEatShare.

If you are a parent looking for ways to enrich your kids, strengthen immunity and facilitate growth or just want to expand your knowledge about healthy foods for healthy living, visit Shirley's blog for great recipes and information. Get to know Shirley better--friend her on Facebook. Happy Birthday, Shirley! Best wishes on a fun-filled day and an abundance of happiness, love and good food all year long! :>)


  1. Hey Lynn,
    Thank you for visiting and following and for the B'day wishes. Am glad to have met you. I think your blog is going places for 3 months! Too good.

  2. Hi Shirley, you're welcome and I'm glad to have met you also!!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by to say thanks and for the compliments on the blog--it's truly a labor of love and so much fun.

    I hope you are enjoying your special day and I wish you many more to come!!! :>)

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Shirley! Wishing you many more happy returns. Enjoy & have a wonderful time!
    Blessings, Kristy

  4. happy birthday Shirley!!
    Am glad to meet u in Blogosphere too!
    And Lynn ,this is so very sweet of u to have a sweet birthday post for Shirley!!

  5. Thanks for your comment on asparagus. The tandoori masala used has nutmeg & does not have cinnamon. Yes, indeed tandoori masala has many versions, we have tried many brands and almost all of them are good.

  6. @Sugar Plum Fairy, I love birthdays and thought it would be nice to recognize members of the Love With Food community on the blog! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment. :>)

    @Turmericnspice, you are very creative and I love reading your blog! Thanks for the info on the masala. I will have to try a few blends to decide which I prefer. Thanks!

  7. Hi there..hope you are having a great weekend. we have an award waiting for you at our blog..i think u have done a great job for 3 months...!! it is amazing that we started blogging almost at the same time. :)

  8. @Turmericnspice, wow, an award? I'm honored and grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the compliment on the blog and thanks for your support!!

    I didn't know your blog is new--looks very established. You've done an amazing job with the blog which tells me that it's a labor of love for you also. Thanks again, I'm heading over to your blog now. :>)

  9. HAppyto know more about Shirley


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