Monday, June 14, 2010

My First Blog Award!

I would like to THANK the ladies of the Turmeric n Spice blog for choosing to honor me with the Honest Scrap award. Thank you for thinking of me and for the encouragement and support--I truly appreciate it!

In order to accept this award I ...

a) must brag about it
b) will display the badge on my blog & link the one who tagged me
c) will share 10 things about myself. (Following the rules and other awards)
d) will pass the award to other fellow bloggers by visiting their site

I am passing this award on to Uma at Uma's Culinary World, Thom at BBQing Tips From Deep in the Heart of Oregon,  Dawn at What's Cookin'?, Amanda at Cakebaker35's Blog and Vanessa at Food Lovers Like Me.
Ten things about me:
1.  I love to cook and I'm a cooking show junkie
2.  I want to enter a cooking competition but I'm afraid I'd crack under the pressure
3.  I'm working on a cookbook
4.  I love interior decorating, feng shui, numerology and astrology
5.  I believe in the Law of Attraction
6.  I love learning about the healing power of colors
7.  I'm growing in my faith and spirituality (it's no accident I've chosen this for #7)
8.  I love to travel!!!
9.  I'm going to open a brick and mortar boutique for my Amethyst Rising spa products
10. I dream of having a house on the water & being able to walk to work/shopping/dining/entertainment


  1. Thank you Lynn for nominating me for this award!!!

  2. You're welcome, Amanda! I love what you're doing for Angel Cakes. You are a very kind and generous person.

  3. i used the dried mung bean for the recipe.
    u can find the same in Indian grocery too..pls visit the these link for the picture and the details
    thanks for the lovely comments.just try this sure u will love it.

  4. Hy,
    Am new to ur page & am fascinated by ur lovely posts & awesome clicks. Glad to follow u.
    Do drop in at my space sometime.

  5. Congrats! May you have many more awards in future :)
    nice to know about you.. All the Best for your cookbook and all your dreams :)

    Thanks for passing this award to me!

    liked the 3 potato salad! like to try new potato recipes :)

  6. @PranisKitchen, thanks for the info on the mung bean and the links. I will definitely try the recipe and let you know how it turned out. THANKS! :>)

  7. @Jay, welcome! Thanks for the follow and the compiments. I look forward to visiting your blog soon.

    @Uma, thanks for your support and you're welcome. Your recipes are always so creative. You inspire me. :>)

  8. I love the recipes you are providing us! Keep it up!

  9. Thanks for joining our blog hop.

    I look forward to making connections with you.
    Denice Duszynski

  10. Stopping by from the blog party!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  11. @Brad, THANKS!!! :>)

    @Donna, @WhaMagazine & @Read it Barfoot, thanks for visiting my blog. Had a great time at the festivities yesterday--so much fun. Will visit your blogs again soon!


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