Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I WON the Chicken Rubs and Seasonings Set!

I WON!!!  I am extremely honored to have won the six-jar Chicken Rubs and Seasonings Set from SpicesInc.com. via a giveaway hosted by The Foodie Blogroll!!

I can't think of too many things that excite me more in the kitchen than experimenting with spices to create unique, flavorful dishes and thanks to the generous folks at SpicesInc.com, I will be experimenting for quite some time. Check back in a few days to see what magic I was able to conjure up with these bold and delicious spice blends! Below are the seasoning blends in the set (and commentary from the SpicesInc.com staff):

Kickin' Chicken - this has consistently been a family and friends favorite and was developed by the Championship BBQ Team that we have partnered with. This has consistently taken the top prize at numerous BBQ events in the northeast. We like it as it is loaded with flavor with some sweetness but no overpowering heat.

Chipotle Honey - one of our most popular, this chicken rub has the natural sweetness that only honey can provide along with a faint hint of smoky heat from the chipotle and Spanish paprika. This is a favorite of the kids and those whose palette doesn’t like too much spicy flavor.

Adobo Lime - a delicious south of the border seasoning blend that has the delicious citrus sensation that can only be provided by lime zest. This is one of our favorites for the grill or to bake and it has a little bit of peppery flavor without being spicy hot.

Tandoori - this is a classic Indian dish and while you may not have your own authentic Tandoor oven you can still get a taste of the extraordinary flavor that this dish provides.  One of our favorites is a grilled Tandoori kabob.

Mediterranean Dry Rub - ideal for those that love herb based seasoning blends and a touch of the Mediterranean. This also pairs well with fish but we especially like it with chicken. Another plus is that this is a no salt seasoning blend.

Citrus Seasoning - another herb based blend that is salt free a favorite of the getting leaner crowd. We especially love the hints of citrus that is provided by the lemon and orange zest.

Thanks again to The Foodie Blogroll for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway and thanks to SpicesInc. for your generous donation. My heart is full beyond words!

Check out The Foodie Blogroll and SpicesInc.com on Facebook or purchase your own spice set at SpicesInc.com. Tell them Lynn from Seasoned & Stirred! sent you.


  1. Congrats! I get soooo happy when I win a giveaway!! I like hosting them too- doing a reusable produce bag giveaway right now if you're interested :)

  2. Congratulations LB - hope you enjoy these as much as we did in sending them to you!

  3. Wow congratulations Lynn!!

  4. @Leslie, winning a giveaway is very exciting. This is the first time I've won one but I hope it won't be my last! Thanks for stopping by. I'll check out your giveaway. :>)

    @Greg, THANKS again for your generosity, Greg! I can't wait to try the seasonings...they smell amazing. Please tell Glenna I said thanks also.

    @Amanda, THANKS! :>)

  5. Congratulations Lynn! That's awesome!

  6. @Debra, THANKS! I'm spice-obsessed so winning this set was a real thrill for me. :>)

  7. wow... Congratulations...way to go...keep rocking...


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