Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Product Review: Veggie Wash

Some would argue the necessity of using a veggie wash when plain water has served them so well. "My grandmother and mother never used a veggie wash and I turned out okay"...I can just hear the murmuring from the peanut gallery.

Then, there are people who have decided that with the constant food recalls, especially with vegetables, a veggie wash might not be a bad thing for a little more reassurance. However, they certainly don't want to buy one when they can create a perfectly respectable veggie wash out of items already on hand (water, vinegar, lemons, baking soda, etc.). Just so you know, I fell into the latter category...until I found "Veggie Wash"...

Veggie Wash is made with water, organic citrus-based solvents and natural oils. It's concentrated so a little goes a long way. The easy-to use trigger spray bottle is fun, handy and the orange fragrance lifts my mood each time I use it. I've even used it to clean my counter tops and cutting board.

Although I've made my own vegetable washes in the past, buying the bottled wash actually saves me time and money. Instead of making a wash every time I needed it (approx. 3-5 times per week) and tossing the solution when I'm done, I just reach for the bottle in the fridge (yes, that's how I store it because I'm hoping it will prolong the shelf life/freshness) and go to work. I've already used it quite a few times and haven't put a dent in the 16oz. bottle. The wash is very effective and is definitely saving me time and money. I really love this veggie wash. I'm giving it 5 hearts! ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Hm, very interesting, and I appreciate the review! I've seen this in store frequently and wondered how effective/useful it might be.

  2. Hi Hannah, I love this stuff and feel quite confident that my fruits and veggies are as clean as possible. Hope you get a chance to try it!


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