Monday, December 13, 2010

Pumpkin Recipe Contest WINNER!

Entry #3 - Baked Cheesy Pumpkin by Mary Marlowe Leverette

THANKS to all the entrants for taking the time to submit your pumpkin recipes and photos! All of the recipes looked really good so choosing the winner was tough. 

The winning pumpkin recipe is.......Entry #3 - Baked Cheesy Pumpkin by Mary Marlowe Leverette!!! I chose this recipe because it intrigued me--a bit savory and sweet. I love the idea of adding the cheeses and Gruyere & white cheddar are two of my favorites. Also, Mary's instructions were very thorough and she even explained HOW to cook the pumpkin which is what prompted this contest. So, please join me in congratulating Ms. Mary Marlowe Leverette on her win. Mary will receive a $25 Williams-Sonoma gift card. See Mary's recipe below:

Baked Cheesy Pumpkin
by Mary Marlowe Leverette

1 7-pound fresh pumpkin
1 cup chicken broth
1 ½ cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
1 French Baguette, sliced and lightly toasted
1 cup grated Gruyere
1 cup grated white cheddar

Remove stem from small pumpkin (about 7 pounds). Cut a lid on top of pumpkin – like making a jack-o-lantern. Remove all the pulp and seeds from inside leaving all the flesh.

Whisk together chicken broth, cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Put a layer of bread in the bottom of the pumpkin, followed by a handful of cheese and a half cup of the stock/cream mixture and then repeat until full. If you cannot use all the bread or cheese, that is fine. But use all of the liquid mixture.

Place the filled pumpkin in an oiled roasting pan. Brush the pumpkin with a little olive oil and place in a 450 degree F. oven for an hour and 15 minutes or until tender. Serve by scooping out some of the cooked pumpkin with the cheesy bread filling. Serves 6 to 8.


Congratulations, Mary!!! Thanks for entering the contest and I can't wait to try your recipe. I'm curious...did you serve this as an appetizer or side dish? Please let me know. :>) Thanks again and Happy Holidays!


  1. Wow! I am thrilled. I actually serve the cheesy pumpkin as a light supper. Just add a green salad or steamed vegetables and we count it as supper! I have served it as a side dish with a holiday meal. Thanks!

  2. Congrats, Mary and you're welcome! I love the idea of serving it as a light supper with a salad. Thanks! :>)

  3. Congrat Mary! Your recipe look yummy, I'll have to make this when I can find a Fresh pumpkin!


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