Sunday, January 30, 2011

Product Review: Infused Spreads

I love artisanal, handcrafted products because in addition to knowing exactly where they come from, you can taste the love and passion that goes into the creation of them. Today, I'm reviewing Infused Spreads, a local company specializing in the time-honored art of preserving. Inspired by traditional methods of preserving, Infused Spreads offers an impressive line of handmade fruit butters, jams, jellies, ketchup, infused vinegars and more. 

I discovered Infused Spreads at a local farmer's market. The array of products made my mouth water. It was nearly impossible to choose between the delectable-looking offerings with equally enticing names like White Pumpkin & Rosemary Fruit Butter, Cucumber Ginger Relish, and Pineapple Horseradish Vinegar. After several agonizing moments of contemplation, I purchased the Plum Lavender Jam and Sweet Potato Pie Butter.

Infused Spreads Plum Lavender Jam & Sweet Potato Pie Butter
I couldn't wait to get home to taste my new finds. I made a few quick biscuits (with Bisquick which is amazing in an of itself) and in minutes, I found myself in Heaven--alternating between indulgent bites of biscuit with the jam and the fruit butter.

The Plum Lavender Jam has a rich, bold fruity flavor--the plums fresh, ripe and juicy and the lavender prominent, sweet and herbaceous. The Sweet Potato Pie Butter was superb--tasted just like sweet potato pie--had a great consistency and just the right amount of spices. SUBLIME!!!

Emem of Infused Spreads busy with customers at the market
But, if you know me, you know I don't plan to stop at the conventional use of the jam and butter. IF I can keep these goodies away from a certain family member, who shall remain nameless, I plan to experiment--maybe use the Sweet Potato Pie Butter to make a savory pasta sauce with fresh basil and aromatic spices or use the Plum Lavender Jam to make an Asian-inspired dipping sauce for spring rolls or grilled shrimp. Hmmm, the possibilities are endless!

I didn't think to ask the owner, Emem, if she ships her products but she is very nice and approachable so if you're interested, contact her to find out. I guarantee it will totally be worth the effort. I'm giving Infused Spreads 5 hearts! ♥♥♥♥♥

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