Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pressure Cooking: I want in!

IMUSA 5-qt. Electric Pressure Cooker
Pressure cooking is all the rage these days. Some of the benefits of pressure cooking include faster cooking times--up to 70% faster, retention of moisture, vitamins, and nutrients, intensified flavor, saving energy and more. Loyalties to this popular cook's tool seem to be divided between two camps: stovetop pressure cooking and electric pressure cooking (unfortunately, since I have never used either, I can't speak to the advantages of one or the other).

So, when shopping for a pressure cooker, what do you look for? I would like to try the electronic pressure cooker. Since space is a concern in my kitchen, I would prefer to have multifunctional unit--perhaps one that also functions as a slow cooker, warmer, steamer, etc. I have been checking out one unit, IMUSA 5-qt. Electric Pressure Cooker, but still haven't pulled the trigger yet.

I would love your feedback...are you into pressure cooking? Why or why not. Feel free to share your experience with pressure cooking, your favorite unit, and any recipes you like.


  1. Pressure Cookers are a staple in every Indian kitchen actually. We cook everything from rice and pulses to meats in the cooker. And like you mentioned, this method is super quick and healthy!

  2. Hi Swati, thank you for your feedback! Do you use an electric cooker and if so, is it multifunctional? Can you recommend a brand/model? Thanks again!


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