Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Verde Cooler (Drink)

This recipe was inspired by Tyler Florence's "Fresh White Bloody Mary"

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a Tyler's Ultimate show on the Food Network.  One of the items he made was a white bloody mary that looked really good so I decided to make a simple, non-alcoholic version of it.  While I was shopping for the ingredients, I noticed the items I chose to use in my version were all natural detoxifiers so I decided to do a little research to learn about the various health benefits of the ingredients (see the ingredient benefits after the recipe).

Verde Cooler
created with love by LBTurner

1.5 pounds white seedless grapes
4 large stalks celery
1 large cucumber

Rough chop the celery stalks and cucumber.  Add all ingredients to food processor and process on highest speed or purify speed until thoroughly blended--approx three minutes.  Carefully strain mixture through a clean piece of cheesecloth into a serving pitcher.  Discard fruit/veggie pulp.  Chill for about an hour and stir well before serving.  Serve chilled with celery or cucumber garnish.  Makes approx three cups of juice.  Store unused portion in tightly covered container refrigerator for up to five days.

Health Benefits:

Grapes - blood purifier, diuretic, supports bone, connective tissues, muscles, gland, liver, and kidney health.  Also helpful for arthritis, rheumatism, urinary pain and cold constitution.

Celery - blood purifier, improves stomach, spleen, pancreas and liver function.  Cooling nature helps eye inflammation, headaches, excessive appetite, menopause, diabetes and more.

Cucumber - cooling, antioxidant, diuretic, blood detoxifier, improves bladder and kidney infections, sore throat, acne and more.

As you can see there are many reasons to give this easy, tasty concoction a try.  You will absolutely love it and your body will thank you for it!


  1. Sounds refreshing. I'm going to get up in a minute and make something similar-I need to pamper myself a bit!

  2. @Stella, it is very cool and refreshing. Gonna make a great summertime drink. So, what did you end up making? :>)

  3. You make some cool healthy items. Is it to late for you to adopt me. I just love what you do to make life better. Thanks again Lynn.

  4. @Frederick, you know how passionate I am about wellness. Now that I'm aware of the fact that God has given us everything we need to heal ourselves naturally,(foods, herbs, the ability to think positively....) I'm on a mission to learn and share as much as I can.

    LOL...adoption? Ok, I could use another tax deduction :>)

  5. refreshing healthy drink!..

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  7. @Uma, yes, this drink is super simple, refreshing and packed with nutrients & antioxidants. I rarely drink cool/cold beverages (I am predominately Kapha dosha) but I will definitely add this one to my spring/summer buffets.

  8. @Vincent, I'm honored--THANK YOU for the invitation! I just added my blog to Can't wait to explore the site. Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for the invite! :>)

  9. sounds great - so nice and refreshing!

  10. sounds good....hmmm.....did you find you needed to add any 'juice' or water or did it make enough liquid?

  11. @SashaInTheKitchen, Thanks! You must try this recipe. It is a little labor-intensive but worth every minute you'll spend making it.


    @Trish, funny you should ask because when I started processing the fruit/veg, I thought I would need to add some type of liquid but once I strained the mixture, I saw that I didn't need to. I'm wondering if it was because of the grape--high water content?--not sure.

    I also thought I would need to add some type of sweetener--had the honey it was perfect the way it was. Thanks! Please try it when you get a chance and let me know what you think :>).

  12. Very Nice , cool & refreshing drink

  13. First time here.....

    Nice and healthy combo :-)
    Love to taste it

    Check my space when u find time


  14. @Aruna, you must try this drink when you get a chance. Let me know if you like it. :>)

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for following my blog! I'm off to check out your space now.

  15. Hi, tks for visiting me!

    Wow, that's a healthy drink! I love it! ;)

  16. Really loved your healthy drink.Im bookmarking this

  17. @Shahana, great. Let me know what you think if you try the recipe. Thanks for following my blog :>)

    @Haddock, thanks. I'm making the drink again tonight because I can't get enough. :>)


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