Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Family Dietary Preferences

My husband and I are polar opposites--in EVERY sense of the word (except we both love to cook).  The differences between us are palpable, albeit usually pretty funny, but meal time can be downright challenging. 

Things were going along quite smoothly until a few years ago when I decided to become health conscious.  He'd been doing all of the grocery shopping and most of the cooking--an arrangement that suited me just fine (he's an ex-chef and has mad skills in the kitchen) until I noticed we were eating red meat more often than I wanted to.  I tried requesting healthier foods and if he remembered, he would oblige me but he didn't always remember.  Consequently, I ended up making a grocery runs to get the items I wanted.  These days we buy separate groceries and cook separately. Truth be told, we enjoy our new arrangement because it allows us more freedom of choice and reduces meal frustration.

Anyway, dh recently had a "coronary episode" and now he, too, has started watching how he prepares his meals and what he eats.  I'm really sorry about the turn of events but I'm ecstatic that he is being more health conscious.  The blessings of this recent occurrence are that he survived, he's on the mend and I could get really lucky and not have to spend too much of my own money on groceries anymore.  Just so you know, that last comment came from my slightly evil twin :>).

Do you have different dietary preferences from your mate, spouse or children?  Perhaps you're a vegan, your spouse a strict carnivore and your kids won't go near anything green.  Who primarily does the shopping and cooking and how have the differences manifested themselves in your relationship/lifestyle?


  1. This is definitely an issue in my house. I became a Vegan last month and the thought of a non-meat meal sends my son into a deep depression.

    The great thing is that my husband is trying to be more conscious of what he eats, too. He often shares vegetarian meals with me. I've even gotten my son to eat a few items, like my Shepherd's Pie using soy crumbles instead of ground beef.

    We shop together so it makes it easier on everyone.

  2. This is definitely as issue for us. I became a Vegan last month. My son loves loads of meat at every meal (his tacos are mostly meat, very little veggies).

    My husband has been really supportive and often eats the vegetarian meals that I cook. My son, Celebrity Chef in the Making, often cooks his own meals. However, I've gotten him to eat my Vegan Chili and Shepherd's Pie.

    We shop together so it makes it easier on everyone.

  3. There are some different dietary preferences with my spouse.. not to that extent that we cook different meals.. sort of adjusted now..
    ur posts are always interesting and offer something new to think over.

  4. @Roxanne, I know how much of an adjustment your change in dietary preferences must be for your son and I'm glad your husband is making an effort to make changes as well. Your son is young and you know how they are at that age--they believe they are invincible but as he matures he may see the merit of making small adjustments. Smiling at "Celebrity Chef in the Making." It's great your son is so passionate about cooking. Kudos to you for making the switch--and so effortlessly. You go girl! :>)

    @Uma, thanks for the feedback! Respect and compromise are key to great & lasting relationships and you and your husband are fortunate to have found middle ground on this issue :>).

  5. Frederick HamlinApril 8, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    It's good to know dh is on the mend. There's just me, myself, and I at the moment and i am changing my eating habits for the better. Thanks for the caring and sharing Lynn.

  6. @Frederick, THANKS! I'm glad you are changing your eating habits although I'm sure they weren't that bad as you've always been a fruit and veggie lover. It is never too late to try to do better, though. Let me know if you have any questions about that list of acidic and alkaline foods I sent and I'll be happy to counsel you...for a small fee, of Ummm, I'm seeing an expertly and perfectly detailed car in my future (((BIG GRIN))). Wooo hoo!


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