Monday, April 5, 2010

Plug In, Eat Less

Are you present during your meals? You may be thinking, "what a silly question, of course I'm present during meals."

The truth is many of us are usually not aware of what we are eating. We have a tendency to fill our plates to the brim and then sit in front of the television, computer, read a book or converse with family and friends while we eat. We are so engrossed in other activity that we do not realize we are full after the first 3 or 4 forkfuls!

Shocking isn't it? It's true. The body has an uncanny ability to know when it's received sufficient nutrients it requires to maintain optimal health and vitality and it will send a signal to the brain when it is full.

Think about it...have you ever noticed that while you're eating you will get the urge to inhale and you start to slow down after the first few bites or forkfuls? This is your brain telling you that you're full. But, if you're not paying attention, you'll miss this vital sign and you'll start to overeat.

Challenge yourself to see if you can gradually begin to eat less and still feel satisfied. Here are a few tips that will help...

~ Reduce your food portion sizes and eat several small meals throughout the day.  Eating smaller portions of food more often (perhaps 4-5 small meals or a combination of meals and snacks) helps to boost your metabolism and promotes quicker digestion.

~ Bring your mind to the task at hand and savor the array of fragrances and flavors each meal has to offer.  Take this opportunity to think about all of the sacrifices that were made so you could have the meal and think thoughts of gratitude.

~ Chew your food slowly and completely, taking only small sips of liquid between swallows if necessary.

~ You don't have to eat until you feel full to the brim--stop eating the moment you feel satisfied.

Remember, the human stomach is approximately the size of a fist so love your body and take care not to over feed it.


  1. Frederick HamlinApril 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    That's an eye opener, the human stomach is approximately, the size of a fist. Remember we are talking about the average size fist and not King Kongs or Goliaths. And it's also best not to drink anything until a half an hour after eating,unless you stuff to much in your mouth and you need to drink. Learn to eat your food at the table and not the table. Smile!

  2. @Frederick, you're right...I thought of the fact that the fist size is relative to the size of the person and the rule still applies--a larger person would have a larger fist and I'm guessing, a larger stomach so they may be able to eat a little more than us "average-size" humans. :>)

  3. Excellent post! Emotional eating and mindless eating definitely cause us to eat far more than we should. I have been trying to listen to my body rather than eating b/c I think I should. I've been surprised by how much less I eat by doing this.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! though my brain sends a message, I dont stop myself sometimes.
    But your post will be a constant reminder now!

  5. @Roxanne, thanks! I agree with your comment about emotional and mindless eating. A dear friend reminded me today that we should eat to prevent hunger--not eat because we're hungry. A reminder I'll take to heart.

    @Uma, you're welcome. You are not alone. I've had to practice "pushing away from the table" more than a few times in my life. :>) It can be a real problem if you have a love affair with food as I do. I lovingly reminding myself on a daily basis to practice restraint. Most days I listen to my own advice. Some days, not so much. :>)


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