Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food Handlers and Negative Energy

I can't begin to count all the times I've gone to stores, restaurants, etc. and found food handlers slinging food around like they are taking out all of their pent-up aggressions on the food. Maybe I'm just really sensitive to this type of stuff because I love and respect food so much...

Today I went for a stroll at my favorite mall and decided to stop at the food court to get a salad.  I drooled over a dish of piled-high spinach salad loaded with red onions, roasted red peppers, pecans and grilled chicken.

Even before I placed my order, I could see the scowl on counter attendant's face a mile away.  I looked at her and then at the beautiful salad....back at her and then the salad.  Normally, I would have just walked away and got something else but those gorgeous bright green leaves were whispering to me.  I had to have them.  So, I summoned the good Twin, put a bright smile on my faced and asked as politely as I could for a large salad.  I hoped a big smile and a bit of positive energy would rub off on her but no such luck.  She grabbed a container, an obscenely large pair of tongs and proceeded to stab at the salad and slam it into my container.  A few injured spinach leaves were hanging over the sides of the container and when she noticed, she jabbed wildly at them to get them under control.  

Ok, I've had enough! To all of you angry, unconscious food handlers out there I implore you to STOP the madness now!  Don't you realize that food is a gift from God and should be treated with love and respect?  Food has feelings too!  Do you realize that by taking out your anger/displeasure on food that others have to eat, you are spreading negative energy that can effect our mood and possibly our digestion?  Do you even care?  Enough already.  If you don't like your jobs, please find new ones or at the very least, get some anger management help.  There is enough negative energy on our planet without you adding your misguided molecules of negativity to our food, drink and water supply.

To the rest of you I say...before you eat food touched by an angry food handler, make sure when you say your prayers/grace, that in addition to giving thanks for the food, you pray for protection from negative energy that could have tainted the food during the planting, harvesting, transporting, preparation or service of your food (especially if you find yourself eating late at night--it could save you from having nightmares)  :>)


  1. I very much agree with you Lynn!! We went to see my aunt in SC, and we went to Charleston and visited a wonderful candy store. The people making the candy were so friendly and gave us a sample of the chocolate pecan turtles they were making, YUM!!! So we decided to get an ice cream cone from the other side of the store and look around. Well we had the same thing happpen like you had from the deli counter! The young girl behind the counter gave us if looks could kill we would be dead!!! My husband had a hard time deciding what he wanted, and she huffed and puffed and I was afaid she was going to explode!!! I will never forget the look in her eyes!!

  2. THANKS, Amanda! I know how you and your husband must have felt. You never know what is going on in a person's to make them act out like they do in public and we are usually not prepared for outright meanness and hostility.

    We all have challenges in life but I really wish people would be more conscious of how their attitudes and actions effect others and the energy force around them--which effects everything else.

  3. Frederick HamlinMay 6, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    May 10, 2095, Headlines-Food Fights Back. Food has finally had enough from angry food handers all over the country. They were all attack by the salad bar food, hot grill food, and storage room food They all escape with their lives with just bumps and bruise and fruit stuck all in there hair. Handlers Beware!

  4. @Frederick, LOLOLOL, I love it! I can see it now...broccoli, spaghetti, Maine lobsters and more...banding together to take a stand against the tyranny of angry food handlers all over the world! :>)


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