Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Nolan W. McCants!

Please join me in wishing a member of our community, Nolan W. McCants, a Happy Birthday!  Nolan is a pastor, educator, motivator, writer, and an amazing photographer who has traveled extensively capturing the essence of people, objects and breathtaking moments with his beloved camera.  He is also one of the newest members of the Love With Food community.  Get to know Nolan better by checking out some of his sites and friend him on Facebook:

Happy Birthday, Nolan.  I hope your special day filled with love, great food and unlimited celebration!


  1. Hi Nolan, I hope you enjoyed your birthday! I also understand you are a foodie as well. Hope you'll stop by to share some of the good food you cooked or ate on your birthday :>).

  2. Thank you for your kindness and love for people. I LOVE good eatments. Had the most incredibe Sushi lunch. My fav of the day, soft shell crab. OH LAWD! Got great new pix from West Coast. Next moth Alaska. Later in the year, London, France, Nigeria and South Africa. Peace all!

  3. @Nolan, thanks for sharing some of the goodies you enjoyed on your birthday! LOL@ "soft shell crab. OH LAWD!"...must have been good! I live in Maryland and soft shell crab is pretty popular here although I've never tried it.

    Can't wait to see your new pictures and if you need someone to carry your bags when you travel to your next destinations I'm available. :>). Best wishes and safe journeys!


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