Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paula Deen's Facebook Challenge

Paula Deen is one of my favorite Food Network stars!  She recently posted a comment on her Facebook wall about how hilarious the famous "Old Spice" commercials are and issued this irresistible challenge:

"So, I decided...I may not be old, but I'm spicy, TWO can play this game! So here's the deal.  I want your spice-filled recipes. Gimme your spice blends, your curries, your chili long as your recipe includes at least two spices, it's eligible! Just leave 'em right here - my top favorite 50 will win my signature Spice Set!

And guess what else? I'll choose my top THREE recipes and I'll be makin' them myself - those videos will be posted right here!"  Love and Best...Spices!  ~  Paula 

Needless to say, when I saw this post I couldn't help myself...I raced over here to the blog to find the most yummy, spice-filled recipes I have.  Problem was, all of my recipes are spice-filled because I adore experimenting and cooking with spices--that's one reason I named my blog "Seasoned & Stirred!

After several agonizing moments, I decided to submit recipes for my Sauteed Kale, the Orange-Roasted Beets & Sweet Potatoes and my reduced fat Three Potato Salad.  I soooo want to win Paula's signature Spice Set but I won't be mad at all if she really likes one of my dishes enough to prepare it in a video!  Woooo hoooo!  Please pray for me and wish me luck, Ya'll! Also, all of my chef and foodie friends, throw your hats into the ring your spice-filled recipes for a chance to win: Enter your recipes here.


  1. To me you won just for the names of the recipes you have submitted. Good luck Lynn!!!

  2. @Frederick, THANKS, let's hope Ms. Paula thinks my recipes are interesting enough to try! I'm really excited about the possibility of winning a spice set. Thanks again for your continued enthusiasm and support!


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