Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Love Affair with Whole Foods Market

I've been in love with Whole Foods Market since I discovered them in 2006. Although I adore both of the stores in my area, the Harbor East store is my favorite because that's where I lost my "non-organic lifestyle" virginity. I still remember my first experience--walking into the market, the employees smiling, happy and helpful, the abundance of natural and organic products and the delicious smells wafting about...aaaah, yep, I was totally smitten.

There is so much to be impressed with about this company--the core values, quality standards and products, commitment to the environment, and community giving programs are inspiring but the fact that their team members (employees) have chosen them as one of FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" every year for the last 13 years is amazing. I can totally see myself having a long, rewarding and exciting career working for this company. :>).


  1. I've been going to Whole Foods for years, and I love it too. It's a great grocer, and I like the way each individual store sources food from local growers. They actually have more local food than my local, family owned health food store.

  2. Hey Stella, THANKS for stopping by!

    Yes, I'm impressed by the array of fresh local products. The only thing that would top a visit to WF to buy fresh fruits/veggies would be for me to grown my own and one day I soon as I figure out how to turn my brown thumbs green.:>).

  3. I must let the Whole World know about Whole Foods. Do you get it, Whole World, Whole Foods. OK,nexts. As soon as i walked into the market I knew i was at food-home. again, do you get it. Ok, ok. I wanted to run around and touch and hug everything there. just imagine a grown man going around hugging food.Look treat yourself and go. Lynn when you are Ready for Freddy to go again. Do you get it?


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