Thursday, March 4, 2010

WFM Pumpkin Cheese Muffin...

Went to Whole Foods yesterday to have lunch with a friend (Hi Freddy!).  We had the yummiest sweet and sour meatballs and all sorts of goodies from the fresh salad bar.  I also bought a pumpkin cheese muffin that I took home.  The muffin was HUGE and my intent was to eat part of it last night and finish it for breakfast this morning but one bite into the moist, sweet, spicy treat caught me off guard.  It was sooooo good I ate the whole thing--right then and there.

This morning I awoke with that muffin on my mind and decided I would go back to the store to get another one.  I mean how bad could it be?  It was baked in a gluten-free Whole Foods bakery with unbleached flour and no artificial sweeteners, colors, it's all good, right?  Well, I told dh about the muffin and while he was out running errands today he picked up four more muffins for me.  Yaaay...I'm now having a "moment of silence" for the WFM pumpkin cheese muffin.  I won't post a picture because that would be cruel.  Sorry you're not here to share them with me.

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